BrightSide Party

Today we spent some quality time up in Redmond hanging out at the BrightSide 30th Anniversary party – and it was a blast! The weather was a bit exciting at times – big wind gusts caused vendor’s tents and materials to fly away throughout the day, but the Oregon Paws table was anchored down with big volcanic rocks and a massive trick-or-treat pumpkin filled with lolly-pops.

Kaydee’s goal for the day was to raise $305 to give to BrightSide for their birthday. We didn’t quite make it, but got over half-way there when we donated $156 in cash at the end of the day.


We even sold two of our new hats while at the party! They are available for $25 in the online store too. Almost $10 from each hat sale goes to the shelters – and they look super cool.

Cascade Canine Rescue East & West

Kaydee also donated $100 cash to Cascade Canine Rescue East & West who were also at the party today. Sounds like they had a good day there – and were able to find numerous animals new homes!

As if donating to local animal charities wasn’t enough stoke for one day, we also got to meet lots of awesome new friends ( human and furry ), and even saw one of our stickers on a random car parked nearby:


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