2017 – Pawsitively Awesome

I just made a donation to the brightside animal center. All of your kind donations helped me get this far. now we are selling magnets. This little puppie that I am holding is up for adoption. she is super sweet and dosen’t want to spend her christmas in the animal shelter. None of the other dogs do. keep donating so we can keep giving.

thank you for the amazing year, here is what we have accomplished.

2017 Paw Prints

  • 457 Stickers Sold
  • 6 Hats Sold
  • $2,141 Raised
  • $1,066 Donated
  • One new puppy adopted

spay and neuter donation

hello, you haven’t heard from me in a while. I just donated to the spay and neuter project. And while  was there I saw a lady donate 100$, I donated 150$, and I also gave them 50 stickers for them to sell and keep all the money raised.



And in my previous blogs I have told you there is no time to stop giving. In case you were wondering, I am going to be at first Friday again at Dudley’s. We are also going to Centennial Park in Redmond on Saturday for Brightside’s 30th Anniversary Party to sell stickers and hats. I hope to see you there, and all the money that we raise is going to the animal shelter there.

Giving To Brightside

So on First Friday, outside of Dudley’s Bookshop Cafe, me and all my family, brought 40 stickers, and sold out. After that all of us took the $200 we raised and bought stuff off of Brightside’s animal shelter wish list. This included: bleach, laundry detergent, paper towels and cat pate from Costco, and 20lbs of small dog treats from Bend Pet Express. Then we drove to visit the animals at Brightside shelter in Redmond. While we were doing that, my mom told me that my friend Sofia got a new Bernese Mountain Dog. The rest of the ride was kind of a quiet. When I got there, we put the stuff down and looked around. There were cats roaming everywhere. We saw one cat going for a ride on a cart. I was petting a cat, and it was rubbing up against me. Then it turned around and scratched me. I learned that cats aren’t for me, but they’re for other people.




We got more!

I think you guys think we are out , but I just got home from a trip and when I looked in the mail box , there where 1,000 stickers. Before I went on my trip, my sister had piano lessons. A grown up that works at my school had lessons before Teagan so we went out to talk with her. while my mom was talking with Kate I was wandering around. And I noticed something. She had my sticker on her car! It felt so good. Just tonight I was working on filling out the orders. Keep ordering!

we have more

Well like last time we don’t just have 50 stickers. This time we got 108 stickers. theres about 80 more left. Incase you where wondering when my next donation was, it will be after the eclipse. If you keep donating maybe we could get all the stuff on the wishlist. I hope you have a great ECLIPSE!


Hello, today I did a donation to the animal shelter in Prineville. Instead of giving them money, I  took the money you gave to the animal shelter to by the things on there wish list. On the way back home me and my dad stopped off by the central oregon animal shelter, and got there wish list.Hope you keep donating.


Thank You

Thank you for for helping the animals. And thank for helping me get passed my goal. Instead of 100$  for the humane society,  we all raised $223.40. thank you so much for making a difference, and you still could. I ordered more stickers. my next goal is to get 654$. keep up the awesome work!!

Kaydee Bear